Thursday, 13 June 2013

Internet addiction impact on "human brain"

The greatest philosopher, The Prophet Saint if India, Swami Vivekananda stated, “The goal of mankind is knowledge.” His statement is quite relevant today were knowledge explosion is happening at every second. Modern man is controlled by knowledge, information and communication.

These technological advancements made the life of modern man more knowledge oriented. The invention of computers and internet made any information reachable to any one at any time in the world. The professionals in the IT field considers internet as their life. Not only for the professionals but for any one who is attentive and interested in the changes and happenings in the world cannot avoid the usage of computers and internet.

The advantages of the internet create a tendency to use it frequently. Gradually they will be addicted to its usage. A person who has the ability to use the internet according to needs and always conscious about the negative effect of internet usage will use it wisely. But an addicted one never realizes his needs. The continuous use will affect the body and mind. To use the internet on has to use his brain. Human brain is complicatedly structured. It can afford the capacity of two computers if a comparison is made with man made computers. While using the system continuously it will affect the brain and that will result in the entire dysfunction of the body.  More over it creates uncontrollable heat. If adequate rest is not given it will give rise to mental pressure. Lack of concentration, blurred vision, loosing of memory capacity will be the end results. The nerves will be weakened if a person continues using the computers.

Human brain is equal or even superior to super computers. But if it is used without any care it will harm the life of the person. Adequate rest, balanced diet, proper health checkups needs to be properly followed by every one who uses the computers or any technological devices.


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